All but one witness corroborate stories in the Delonte Wynn trial

As the trial for Delonte Wynn continued Tuesday, the courtroom’s seats filled to the brim with family and spectators. Attorneys began Tuesday morning, arguing over the legitimacy of witness Chester Taplette’s testimony. Disagreement erupted when the defense took issue with Taplette’s story, saying his statement to the police that Donnell Howard knew what had happened to Bryant […]

Day four of the Delonte Wynn trial brings new evidence to light

The trial of Delonte Wynn, charged with the murder of Darlene Bryant, continued Monday and is expected to conclude this week. Before jurors entered the room Monday morning, attorneys debated whether or not a key witness’ testimony was able to be readdressed since he claimed to not remember what the defense considered a vital piece of the […]

Witness’ testimony suggests suspect and victim fought before fatal stabbing

The trial for Delonte Wynn continued Wednesday, with a testimony by Officer John McElhenny who validated footage that appeared to show Darlene Bryant running down Wheeler Road seeking help. Witnesses following McElhenny also attested to Bryant’s suffering, and to a masked suspect who fled the scene of the crime. When a witness who fled the scene of the […]

Trial begins for murder suspect Delonte Wynn

Nearly two years after the death of Darlene Bryant, and a year after he was arrested for her murder, Delonte Wynn’s trial began. More than fifty jurors cycled through the courtroom on Tuesday morning, but only fourteen people were left to determine Wynn’s fate. Before delving into the trial, one witness’s testimony was highly debated. […]

Prosecution and Defense spar over what to include in murder trial

In a hearing for Jonathan Taylor, one of four men charged with the murder of Dwayne Dillard, the prosecution and defense argued over which pieces of evidence should be allowed to be submitted to the court.   On Monday, the prosecution argued statements made by Taylor in a 2015 interview should be used to support […]

Rasheed Murray and Ryan Thompson trial set for September 2018

The trial date for two men who were allegedly drag racing when they struck and killed another driver was scheduled for September of next year, more than three years after the incident. Ryan Thompson and Rasheed Murray have been charged with second-degree murder for the death of Matthew Jeffrey Roth in July 2015. With Roth’s […]

Chad Hawthorne charged with murder of Antonio Bassett

Chad Everett Hawthorne was arrested by the Capital Area Regional Fugitive Task Force and charged with murder. The 36-year-old is being charged with the murder of Antonio Bassett, who was fatally shot May 22. Bassett was found inside a residence on the 3900 block of Pennsylvania Ave., SE. Emergency workers determined that he had died […]

Algernon Harvey Jones fatally shot Saturday morning

Police say a 32-year-old man, Algernon Harvey Jones, was fatally shot early Saturday morning, along with 7 other people who sustained non-life threatening gunshot wounds. Jones was found in the 100 block of Q St. around 1:00 a.m. When emergency workers arrived they determined Jones had already died from his injuries, and he was transported to […]