Trial against Clifton Johnson continues with forensic evidence

Clifton Johnson’s Defense Attorney Harry Tun told the court his client carried a gun the night Dwayne Grandson was killed because he was afraid of getting robbed. In court Wednesday, Tun argued that someone broke into his client’s home before and that’s why he carried a gun and suggested the same fear led him to kill […]

Detective details murder suspect Jose Rodriguez’s history of alleged violence

At a preliminary hearing Tuesday, Detective Michael Fulton gave a detailed narrative on Jose Rodriguez’s alleged violent history with women. Rodriguez is facing charges of killing his girlfriend Pamela Butler several years ago. Police have never found Butler’s body. According to Fulton, in January of 2004, a woman told police Rodriguez-Cruz was acting strange, held her […]

Dwayne Grandson’s mother testifies at his murder trial

The government and defense lawyers gave opening statements on Tuesday, for the trial of Clifton Johnson charged with the alleged murder of Dwayne Grandson. In his opening address to the jury, United States Attorney Richard Barker, said the case is about a man who “fired eight shots” at Dwayne Grandson. Barker described to the jury […]

Government calls key witnesses for Clifton Johnson trial

The events that led to the death of Dwayne Johnson were described to the jury Wednesday by key witnesses presented by the government. Dominique Massenburg, the man who gave Clifton a ride to the restaurant  the night he allegedly murdered Dwayne Grandson, testified in court Monday. When asked to describe to the jury what he saw […]

Medical Examiner testifies in Dwayne Grandson murder trial

The medical examiner who performed the autopsy of Dwayne Grandson, confirmed to the jury Wednesday that Grandson died of gunshot wounds. During his testimony, Assistant Medical Examiner Dr. Zabuli Ali told the jury he was able to determine Grandson was shot in the torso. Ali found three entrance and exit wounds of gunshots in Grandson’s […]

Court selects jury for Clifton Johnson Trial

The court moved forward Monday with a jury selection as they prepared to head to trial for Clifton Johnson, in his connection with  24-year-old Dwayne Grandson’s murder. The judge told potential jurors that they “took an oath” and it is hers as well as the lawyers’ jobs to make sure they (jurors) are as unbiased as […]

Judge denies defense’s request to release murder suspect

The judge denied the defense’s request to release Leonard Smith, who is currently being held for 25-year old Leonte Butler’s alleged murder. In court Tuesday, Smith’s lawyer Anthony Matthews requested that his client be released because it should have been another person arrested and “not his client.” According to the government, the first 20 pages of the […]

Court schedules status hearing for Murder Suspect Duane Johnson

The case against the  man charged with the murder of 46-year old Tricia McCauley moved forward Wednesday, and a status hearing has been scheduled for later this year. Murder suspect Adrian Duane Johnson was not present in court Wednesday, but he is being held without bond. According to police, McCauley went missing on Christmas day.  Johnson was arrested […]

Co-defendants’ hearing for murder of Robinson Pal rescheduled

Co-defendants Antoine Byrd and Devonte Johnson who were arrested last January in connection with Robinson’s Pal’s death, have been scheduled for a status hearing for later this year. The government was not present during the hearing Tuesday, therefore the judge decided that no updates can be discussed in court until “all parties” are “present.” When […]