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March tallies more homicides than the last two months combined

By the close of March the nation’s capitol tallied 15 homicides, more murders than the past two months combined. The first homicide was on March 3, when 41-year-old Desmond Joseph succumbed to his injuries. Joseph was injured the day before in an argument with construction worker Paul Hagan, 36. Hagan delivered a single punch that […]

Month in Review: February

The first homicide of the month came just hours after the sun set on Feb. 1. Police found 25-year-old Tyronn Hodges’ lifeless body in a car on the 900 block of Eastern Ave. NE. The suspect, Myshawn Dondre Allen, 23, was arrested on the scene and charged with first-degree murder while armed and assault with […]

January homicides follow trend of last two years

The nation’s capital didn’t tally it’s first homicide until six days after the new year, but the numbers quickly added up to eight and followed trends for the past two years. The first homicide of the year actually began in October of last year, when Richard Lewis, 57, was assaulted outside of Union Station. Lewis succumbed […]

D.C. Homicides down slightly from 2015 numbers

In his first remarks as the Republican party’s nominee, presidential candidate Donald Trump pointed to an increase in homicides in the largest cities, including in D.C. as evidence of the instability of the country. “Decades of progress made in bringing down crime are now being reversed by this Administration’s rollback of criminal enforcement,” Trump said. “Homicides […]

Half of D.C. homicide cases remain without an arrest

  No suspects have been arrested in more than half of the district’s homicides in 2016, according to statistics kept by this website. In 2016, of the 41 victims of a homicide, arrests have been made in 19. That goes against a report Wednesday night, attributing stats to Chief Cathy Lanier reporting 75 percent of all […]

Kevin Sutherland eulogized on House floor

Connecticut native Kevin Sutherland was eulogized by his former boss on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives Wednesday morning, who called for the 24-year-old’s spirit to live on in the chamber. “Four days ago, on July 4 a young man was murdered just a mile from here in broad daylight on a crowded […]