Court finds probable cause to hold defendants in Isiah Agyekum’s Murder

A judge ruled on Wednesday that there remains enough evidence to continue to hold suspects Turell Campbell, Marquese Murray and Marquette Murray for Isiah Agyekum’s murder.

The government and defense attorneys argued over DNA testing in the case, and identification of the alleged shooter.

According to the government, a witness saw Marquese Murray in front of a Chrysler, while Campbell was in the back seat holding a firearm. The witness indicated that the gun came out of the front passenger seat window and one of the passengers was the shooter.

The government requested DNA testing for the three suspects.

Defense attorneys for each of the twins and Campbell argued the wrong men had been charged, and made the case for each of their clients to be let go.

Campbell’s lawyer, Matthew Davies said no witnessed had testified that Campbell was in the car when the shooting took place. Davies argued that the government was asking the court to “make an inference” that Campbell had the weapon. He also argued that the government couldn’t “show” Campbell passed “the weapon to anyone.”

Marquette Murray’s lawyer, Kevin Mosley, said that there were only two witnesses involved in the case who identified the men in the car, but neither of whom could recall the face of the alleged murderer. Murray said that a third witness did not put Marquette Murray anywhere near the car. Murray suggested that there was no connection of Marquette Murray and the vehicle.

Marquese Murray’s lawyer, Brandi Harden, asked the court to look at a “holistic” version. According to Harden the fourth witness was “asking for a release” and looking for a “benefit,” which is why they identified Marquese Murray as the suspect. Harden requested that her client be released.

Judge Ronna Beck denied the requests of all three attorneys for their clients to be released arguing that there was enough evidence to hold them. Beck said no conditions of release would “assure” the “community safety.”

According to Beck, the surveillance video showed that the Chrysler five days after the shooting matched the vehicle the three suspects were in. Beck also said that a fifth witness identified the Murray brothers and knows them well. The judge argued that there was more evidence tying Campbell to the homicide because he was connected to the gun used in the shooting.

The three suspects are currently being held without bail and are scheduled to appear again in court on April 3.


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