Saeed Woodall ordered held on murder charge

Saeed Woodall, 23, was ordered held without bail on an allegation that he murdered Deonta Farrar last month. Farrar, 32, was found on the 4500 Block of Quarles St., NE, on Aug. 9. Police responding to reports of gunshots in the area, found Farrar suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. He was transported to the hospital […]

Brandon Byrd mental examination finds him incompetent

A man charged with the death of his father was ruled incompetent to stand trial. Brandon Byrd currently faces second-degree murder charges for the fatal stabbing of his father, Otis Byrd. Judge Jose Lopez ruled in favor of a doctor’s findings that the 20-year-old is “incompetent” and cannot stand trial on the charges. In rebuttal […]

Evidence for trial debated in Kimberly Thompson’ trial readiness hearing

Whether certain evidence is admissible in the trial of Kimberly Thompson was discussed by the defense and prosecution in court. Thompson allegedly shot Charles Mayo, on Dec. 10, 2016 in the 1900 block of Bennett Place, NE. The prosecution began by laying out their witnesses they will call to testify followed by the defense mentioning the witnesses […]

Murder suspect’s father arrested during trial

A murder suspect’s father was arrested within the first five minutes of Thursday’s trial. Eugene Burns’ father, Eugene Burns Sr. was brought to the holding cells in the back of the courtroom after police executed an arrest warrant due to an allegation of witness intimidation. Burns Sr. has been in attendance for nearly every part of […]

Parents Of Starved Seven-Week-Old Infant Accept Plea Deal

The parents charged with the murder of their seven-week-old infant accepted a plea deal. Trinity Jabore was found unconscious by police and then transported to the hospital where she was pronounced dead on Dec. 25, 2016. An autopsy revealed the cause of death to be malnutrition and hyponatremia, with a secondary cause being trunk trauma. The […]

Jeffery Lawrence King Fatally Shot

Police are investigating the fatal shooting of 33-year-old Jeffery Lawrence King, of Woodbridge, VA. King was killed by multiple gunshot wounds. He was found in the 800 block of 46th St., NE, on June 29. Police have not yet released any suspect information.

Bikila Kejella will be held until his presentment in September

Prosecutors are awaiting an indictment for murder suspect Bikila Kejella. Kejella faces charges of first-degree murder while armed for allegedly shooting Eric Garrett. Garrett was found on the morning of September 12, 2016 in the 2300 block of 11th St. NW, and died days later from multiple gunshot wounds. Kejella is next due to appear in court […]