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David Jones pleads not guilty to Carolyn Ellis killing

David Jones pleaded not guilty to second degree murder in the killing of Carolyn Ellis, while allegedly driving under the influence. Jones, 36, has been undergoing drug and alcohol treatment while the case against him continues. Jones has three prior felony convictions, and if convicted for the second-degree murder and reckless driving charges, he will […]

Hit-and-run murder suspect ordered to undergo treatment

The man charged with driving drunk and killing a 65-year-old woman will undergo treatment while his case continues. David Jones allegedly killed Carolyn Ellis, when he struck her with his car and she suffered major head trauma. He appeared to have been drinking that night. Open beer bottles were found in his car. In  court, […]

Man kills pedestrian in drunken hit-and-run, police say

Before David Jones was found by police, stumbling around 14th street in a drunken stupor, police say he struck a pedestrian with his car, killing her. Jones is currently being held without bond as he faces second-degree murder, driving under the influence and leaving after colliding charges. According to charging documents, Carolyn Ellis and another pedestrian […]

Judge orders DNA testing for hit-and-run suspect

David Jones, the alleged killer of 65-year-old Carolyn Ellis was ordered to undergo DNA testing during a status hearing on Tuesday. Prior to Tuesday’s hearing, a motion made to hold Jones in contempt for refusing to providing blood and urine samples. However, a deal was struck between the defense and prosecution and together they decided for […]