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The timing of a guilty verdict

In the two-and-a-half years that D.C. Witness has been tracking homicides, there have only been five jury trials resulting in a guilty verdict. This summer saw a lot of cases put to rest, as it takes months to years for cases to go to trial. Out of the two-hundred plus suspects that have been charged […]

Month in Review: June

The month of June tallied eight homicides and four cases were put to rest as suspects were either found guilty or pleaded guilty. June of 2016 saw a total of nine homicides, one more than June of 2017. From the beginning of 2017 to the end of June this year there have been fifty-seven homicides compared to […]

Guilty verdict delivered in Jonathan Taylor trial

After days of trial followed by more days of deliberation, the jury delivered a guilty verdict on five out of six charges in Jonathan Taylor’s trial. Taylor was found guilty of first-degree murder while armed, two counts of possession of a firearm during a violent crime, assault with intent to kill while armed and obstruction of justice for […]

Jonathan Taylor testifies at his own trial

Murder suspect Jonathan Taylor testified at his own trial, accused of the murder of Dexter Motley. On the stand, Taylor told of his own version of events in August 2014, when Motley was killed. Taylor said on the night of Motley’s murder he borrowed a car from someone he was romantically involved with and went […]

Police officers testify about crime scene details in Jonathan Taylor trial

As the trial against Jonathan Taylor continued, evidence and testimony from the crime scene was introduced in court. Taylor is charged with the murder of Dexter Motley. The prosecution submitted several photos that were found at 427 Burbank Street which at the time, was where Taylor and some friends were living.  While the defense objected, only […]

Defense again denied mistrial request in Jonathan Taylor case

The testimony of murder victim Dexter Motley’s sister was thrown out after following day two of her emotional testimony in Jonathan Taylor’s trial. While questioning resumed regarding a prior incident involving the woman, Motley and Taylor, the woman became defensive and refused to answer further questions. She was eventually escorted out of the courtroom by US Marshals. […]

Jonathan Taylor’s attorney request for a mistrial denied

As the trial against Jonathan Taylor resumed, the legitimacy of several witness’ testimony was hotly debated. Taylor is on trial for the alleged murder of Dexter Motley. One of the witnesses who was romantically involved with Taylor discussed the first time she heard of Motley’s death. In her testimony before the grand jury, the woman […]

Prosecution and defense spar over what to include in murder trial

In a hearing for Jonathan Taylor, charged with the murder of Dexter Motley, the prosecution and defense argued over which pieces of evidence should be allowed to be submitted to the court.   On Monday, the prosecution argued statements made by Taylor in a 2015 interview should be used to support his role in the […]