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Counsel debates terms in homicide case

The prosecution and defense teams debated Jan. 31 using a theory that alleged shooter Derryck Decuir had the “intent” to rob 16-year-old Malek Mercer in 2015. Assistant United States Attorney Jeff Nestler argued to use the theory of “intent,” but Decuir’s attorneys, Dana Page and Lee Goebes, argued the theory would confuse the jury about […]

Government to retry murder suspect Derryck Decuir

After a mistrial last month, the government announced Monday it will move forward with a retrial of Derryck Decuir’s case for the alleged murder of Malek Mercer. After three days of deliberations last month, the jury could not come to a decision on government’s charges against Decuir for first first-degree murder while armed against a minor, and […]

Derryck Decuir continues to argue self-defense at murder trial

The man on trial for allegedly killing a teenager in June 2015 continued to argue he did so in self-defense Thursday. Derryck Decuir, charged with the murder of Malek Mercer, tried to clear up some of the inconsistencies between his initial conversations with police and his current testimony. Decuir told the jury on Thursday that […]

Murder suspect tells jury he didn’t intend to kill teen

Murder suspect Derryck Decuir told a jury on Wednesday he shot 16-year-old Malek Mercer out of fear for his own life, and never intended to kill the teen. Decuir was charged with the murder of Mercer near a bus stop in June 2015. Decuir was on his way back from his father’s funeral with two […]

Friends of victim and suspect testify in Derryck Decuir trial

The alleged chain of events that led to the death of a teenager were described to the jury Monday by friends of the suspect and victim. Rachean Bethea testified Monday in the trial of Derryck Decuir, who was charged with Malek Mercer’s murder. Bethea is the older brother of Tyshawn Bethea, and called the police […]